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Bruno De Almeida – Cinema Imaginado (Volume 2)(2023)(álbum)

Bruno De Almeida – Cinema Imaginado (Volume 2)(2023)(álbum)

released January 27, 2023

This album is dedicated to the memory of Pedro Gonçalves (1970-2021)

Bruno de Almeida – Voice, guitars, bass, keyboards
Graham Haynes – Cornet, flugelhorn, electronics
Ricardo Toscano – Alto sax
Mário Franco – Electric bass, double bass
Tó Trips – Guitars
Luís Figueiredo – Piano, Fender Rhodes
Óscar Graça – Piano
Rúben da Luz – Trombone
Rui Bandeira – Bass trombone
Sérgio Carolino – Tuba
Alexandre Frazão – Drums
André Sousa Machado – Drums
Osvaldo Pegudo – Percussion
Marco Fernandes – Marimba
Nuno Cunha – French Horn
Ana Pereira – Violin
Ana Filipa Serrão – Violin
José Pereira – Violin
Joana Cipriano – Viola
Catarina Gonçalves – Cello
Ana Cláudia Serrão – Cello

All music and words by Bruno de Almeida

All music arranged by Bruno de Almeida except
“Sense Memory” arranged by Mário Franco

Produced by Bruno de Almeida
Associate producers Mário Franco and Graham Haynes
Executive producer Vanessa Alvarez

Liner notes:
“Hello, Traveler!” That’s the initial greeting you hear from your conductor as you embark on the second leg of the sonic journey that will eventually transport you to Cinema Imaginado’s final destination. First stop: Fear City. As you attempt to sit back and get comfortable, your imagination may very well remain glued to the edge of its seat – itching, fidgeting, twitching, until it becomes one with the gritty scenery that rhythmically flies by the side window of your psyche. Poetry in motion? A sidewalk ballet? Like a searing game of stickball – or even of ringolevio – life on these mean streets has always been animated by a constant blur of tension and turmoil. Until it isn’t. That’s when the bright-pink, rubber Spaldeen stops bouncing and everything comes to a grinding halt with a piercing yelp, much like the screeching metal brakes of the uptown express pulling into a station named Elsewhere. Or is it…Nowhere? All you’re left with is a memory. Or at the very least, the sense of what could eventually become one.

Mixed by João Pedreira @ Estúdios Valentim de Carvalho,
November 2022. Recorded by João Pedreira, Bernardo Estrela,
Tadeus Mascarenhas and Miguel Martins between March and
October 2022 @ BA Music (Lisbon), Estúdios Valentim de Carvalho
(Paço de Arcos), Putchiu (Lisboa) and Estúdio Casa das Máquinas
(Salvador, Bahia). Mastered by André Tavares @ AT·Studio (Paço de Arcos).
Music copyist Eduardo Proença. Creative consultant Frank Coelho
Publicist João MacDonald

Thanks to Paulo Bicudo @ BA Filmes, Francisco Vasconcelos, Francisco
de Assis Vasconcelos, Fernando Rascão @ Valentim de Carvalho, and
Luís Castaño @ Music Factory.

Cover photo by Camillo José Vergara

A BA Music production

© Copyright BA Music 2023
℗ Publishing BA Music SPA 2023
all rights reserved


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