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Carmen Souza – Interconnectedness (2023) (álbum + entrevista)

Radio Olisipo · Carmen Souza - Interconnectedness (2023) (álbum + entrevista)

A Radio Olisipo entrevista Carmen Souza e publica a entrevista no dia em que sai o seu último álbum “Interconnectedness” em Portugal.
Boa escuta!

Interconnectedness is the name of Carmen Souza’s 10th album. Interconnectedness is about humanity and the way we are all Interconnected. The pandemic challenged and questioned values, morals, humanity, and everything is still so uncertain and vulnerable, this music exposes exactly that vulnerability. Interconnectedness was recorded and produced by Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal between Lisbon and London with different formations, morphing into another chapter of this duo musical partnership. “As with every album that we have made throughout all these years, the music always evolves to other perspectives and meanings as it is performed in the many stages of the world, so I look forward to seeing what this music has in store and to accompanying its evolution.”


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