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Checkpoint 303 – Gaza’s Angels (I Am Stretched On Your Grave) (2023) (single)

Checkpoint 303 – Gaza’s Angels (I Am Stretched On Your Grave) (2023) (single)

This piece is dedicated to the memory of all the children and innocent civilians in Gaza and throughout Palestine, who have been brutally robbed of their lives in October 2023. The world has failed you. You will not be forgotten.
The track features the voice of Sinead O’Connor’s, sampled from a live acapella rendition of “I am stretched on your grave”, a translation of a 17th-century Irish poem titled “Táim sínte ar do thuama”.

In 2014, Sinead said in an interview with a music magazine: “Let’s just say that, on a human level, nobody with any sanity, including myself, would have anything but sympathy for the Palestinian plight. There’s not a sane person on earth who in any way sanctions what the f*** the Israeli authorities are doing.”

This song is also a heartfelt tribute to Sinead O’Connor, a true artist who always spoke truth to power, and who inspired generations to stand up for what they believe in. Rest in power, Sinead. This composition is also a tribute to the brave people of Ireland, who have shown tremendous solidarity with Palestine and supported its just struggle against settler-colonialism and apartheid.

This piece is available for free download. Any proceeds will go to supporting the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

Palestine will be free.
I am stretched on your grave
And will lie there forever
If your hands were in mine
I’d be sure we’d not sever

My apple tree, my brightness
It’s time we were together
For I smell of the earth
And am worn by the weather
lançado em 3 de novembro de 2023
feat. sampled acapella rendition of the traditional song “I am stretched on your grave” (live recording) by Sinead O’Connor, as well as a brief excerpt from an interview she gave on TV, where she expresses the importance of sticking up for what one believes in, even in the face of enormous pressure.

Video also available on Youtube:


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