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Day Cube – One Can Only See (2023) (single)

Day Cube – One Can Only See (2023) (single)

My name is Thomas Wilcox and I am a musician from Athens, Georgia USA (home of REM, B-52s, etc). I recently connected with one of your country’s singer/songwriters, Mary Ann, who pointed me in your direction. My latest album was inspired by the fabulous work of Fernando Pessoa. An avid reader now in my mid-forties, I have not come across such a powerful author in many years. I tried to create songs that embody his different personas by making cinematic textures, tones, and melodies of the ethereal. Perhaps this is something you might enjoy. If you like it and would like to know more, please let me know. If not, that’s okay too, I’ve covered pretty much every genre of music over the last quarter century. I very much hope to visit your beautiful country one day. Here is a Spotify link to the album. It can be found on all streaming platforms. Artist= Day Cube/ Album=Pessoa.  Thanks so much for your time


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