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Fungo Label Mixtape #2

Radio Olisipo · Fungo Label - Mixtape #2

Fungo Label – Mixtape #2

Fungo Label

Fungo is an artist collective based in Lisbon, who puts together people from different areas. Its work is focused on the development and promotion of artistic projects from different art forms, from performing arts to music and media. Following that purpose, in 2014 Fungo also became a record label.

Variable formats, but we prefer cassettes. No regular basis, all genres allowed with no aesthetic limits or restrictions of any kind. Cassette series will have an artist drawing inspired on the music.


Tracklist – Mixtape #2

  1. 11_JOAN_III
  2. 13_PANTERA_Jardim do Eden
  3. 15_TROPIC NOIR_Pill
  4. 17_KINBOTTE_Flesh by Flesh
  5. 25_TÓ MAUZÃO_Peggy
  6. 19_CALAFATE_O


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