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Gabrre – Race (2023) (single)

Gabrre – Race (2023) (single)

gabrre presents “race”, from his upcoming EP titled “provisões de emergência”.
The EP consists of mp3’s stored on an external drive that are the only tracks he could save after being robbed inside the hall of his apartment in downtown Lisbon, Portugal.

The event took place in November 2022, after he and his friend at the time found a piece of furniture laying on the streets and decided to bring it home with them to polish and give it a new, useful life.
They left the piece inside the hall, alongside his backpack containing his laptop, headphones e cuia de chimarrão. It was a little cold outside, and they were exhausted and decided to go for a coffee at the record store right next to his building. The coffee was drank and his songs were stolen.

“Race” consists of sonic elements (not so) carefully put together to clarify to someone that you never cared about that you, in fact, never cared about. And to reasure that you know that you make this someone’s heart race.

Gabrre is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, based in Lisbon. The songs feel like lysergic delusions, which pass through the boredom that consume everyday life, novels and the permanent search for liberation. Gabrre follows a particular path, expanding his own domains and creative intentions. The artist uses his tortuous direction as a stimulus for his own creations, a structure that ranges from the inexact use of voices to the treatment given to arrangements, always accompanied by pulsating rhythms and nostalgic melodies.


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