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Horoya – Grigribá (2022) (álbum)

Höröyá’s fourth album is called Grigri Ba – “the great spell” or “the great sorcerer” in Malinke, one of the languages of the Mandeng culture, a key influence of the band. In this album, Höröyá presents
complex rhythms in a harmonious and fluid way through a mixture of afrobeat and afrojazz. This mix consolides the group’s avant-garde style: AfroBrazilian Beat, uniting Brazil and Africa in an unprecedented way, with depth and cultural affirmation. With a unique artistic proposal, bringing the traditional and the modern together, Grigri Ba appeals to a wide audience ranging from Pop to Funk/Jazz.

The group performs both on large party stages or festivals, as well as in theaters. The show’s format favors the participation of guest artists, musicians and dancers, making the performances even more vibrant. With their fourth album, Horoya has fully emerged as a powerhouse in Brazil’s music scene, bringing again to the fore the cultural and historic identity connecting the two sides of the Atlantic.


Höröyá is from São Paulo and formed by Brazilian and West African musicians, connecting different cultures and establishing a dialogue between Brazil and the African continent. André “Piruka”, multi instrumentalist, is the creator of the group and the conception of the musicality. Behind Höröyá’s musical force is a powerful mix of percussion instruments from different cultures, such as sabar, atabaque, djembe, cuica and dunduns. They share space with instruments of African Griots, including balafon and ngoni, along with guitars, bass, trumpet and saxophones. Höröyá’s music creates a permanent contact between different traditions, while keeping their essence. Through music, Höröyá reinterprets in a new format the origins and influences of the African and Afro-Brazilian cultures.


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