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Luís Bittencourt – Directionlessness (2023) (single)

Luís Bittencourt – Directionlessness (20239 (single)

Instrumentalities and Audible Volitions
de Luís Bittencourt

Percussion is an art in which sonic plurality is celebrated, and the notion of a musical instrument is constantly challenged and reconfigured. Instrumentality —the potential of something to be used as a musical instrument— is a concept that permeates the original works on this album, revealing my fascination with the sound universe of materials, objects, places, and situations.

Directionlessness pays homage to the creative minds of Peter Ablinger and Morton Feldman, exploring dripping sonorities over glass objects in dialogue with the vibraphone. Memórias Líquidas features the waterphone in the rhythm of the South American dance known as “Chacarera” and the “bombo legüero”. Dark and Distant, originally composed for solo marimba, is a song without words that is presented in a new arrangement on this record. Similarly, Maurice Ravel’s mysterious piano piece Le Gibet is presented here in a multi-instrumental soloist arrangement. Finally, Juvenal is a tribute to the incomparable Naná Vasconcelos and was created from improvisations with water, gourds, and berimbau. Acknowledgments: Tatiana Vargas and Benjamin Vargas Bittencourt, Ana Bittencourt, Rodolfo Cardoso, Bárbara Santos, David Matos, Diogo Carvalhosa, Filipe Lopes, Emanuel Pereira, Carlos Lopes, Enrico Bertelli and everyone who contributed to this work.

lançado em 25 de abril de 2023

Produced by Luís Bittencourt and Rodolfo Cardoso.
Recorded at Arda Recorders in March 2023, Porto, Portugal.
Recording Engineer: Rodolfo Cardoso
Assistant Recording Engineer: Bárbara Santos
Edited and Mixed by Rodolfo Cardoso and Luís Bittencourt
Mastering: Rodolfo Cardoso and Miguel Pinheiro Marques
Graphic Design: David Matos
Original Photography: Paulo Cunha Martins
Executive Producer: Tatiana Vargas
Artistic Director: Luís Bittencourt
Funded by Garantir Cultura, República Portuguesa.
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