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Mary Ann – Wake Up (2023) (single)

Mary Ann – Wake Up (2023) (single)

Mary Ann’s new alternative/indie single “Wake Up Call” is a thought-provoking release from the rising singer/songwriter

About The Release
Mary Ann is excited to announce the release of her newest alternative single, “Wake Up Call.” This powerful track showcases Mary Ann’s incredible vocals and message-heavy lyricism, laid seamlessly on top of a guitar and drum- driven production. The song delivers nostalgic rock elements while infusing a modern alternative/indie style, making it a perfect blend of old and new.

“Wake Up Call” is a song about taking responsibility for your actions and making a change for the better. Mary Ann’s lyrics are powerful and thought-provoking, encouraging listeners to take a step back and evaluate their lives. The song is an anthem for those who are ready to listen and reflect.

The production of the song provides the perfect backdrop for Mary Ann’s powerful vocals. The guitar riffs are nostalgic and reminiscent of classic rock, while the synths provide a modern and alternative feel. The production is expertly crafted, making the song a standout in the alternative genre.

The release of “Wake Up Call” is a pivotal moment for Mary Ann, as it marks a new chapter in her career. The song is a reflection of her growth as an artist and a message to her fans that she is not afraid to take risks and push boundaries. Mary Ann’s fans can expect more powerful and thought-provoking music in the future, as she continues to evolve as an artist. “Wake Up Call” will be released on February 27 on all digital streaming platforms.

About Mary Ann
Mary Ann is a talented rising singer/songwriter from Porto, Portugal. Music has been in her life since a very young age. Throughout her career, she has had several bands, including the progressive-metal band Sollar. With Sollar, she released a 10-track album in 2019 and was featured on various websites, blogs, and magazines worldwide. She was also recognized as the face of Porto Hard Rock on International Women’s Day.

After completing her studies in marketing, Mary Ann decided to pursue her passion for music by studying at the music conservatory. She studied musical theater and took courses on singing and voice technique, becoming a professional singer. During the COVID pandemic, Mary Ann became a vocal teacher at the same music conservatory where she studied, and began working on solo songs with producer friend Mike More.

Mary Ann’s biggest influences include Amy Winehouse, Lana del Rey, Maria Brink, Billie Eilish, Puscifer, and Florence + the Machine. She is determined to leave her legacy and pass meaningful messages through her music.

Mary Ann’s passion for music and drive to inspire others make her an artist to watch in the alternative and indie music scene.


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