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Meta_ – Fuego Sagrado (2023) (single)

Meta_ – Fuego Sagrado (2023) (single)
Meta_ is Mariana Bragada on the quest to find her inner roots.
She is a singer, composer and producer from Trás-os-Montes (North Portugal Region) to share the connection between ancestral wisdom and unite it with electronic music.

Meta_ will release her debut album XIV- A Integração in May 2023 with the Argentinian Label ShikaShika, premiering it in Primavera Sound Porto in June.
She has been weaving her sound tapestry alongside the trips in Europe, where she did an European Tour, and South America, where she traveled to explore the self and to work for Live Sound in a theater play. She aims to reimagine sound without borders, in between feelings and the story–telling of her hardships and fantasies, creating a hybrid universe of organic and electronic sounds.

With her voice as the main instrument, the interdisciplinary artist has been playing
solo shows since 2017 and will now bring a new format to the shows, with 2 more
musicians on stage. Festival da Canção (Portuguese Eurovision Song Contest), NOS Alive, WestWayLab, Festival Bons Sons, TedX and SofarSounds, have been a few places where Meta_ has shared her magic.
In 2022 she also played in Rio Loco Fes- tival (Toulouse, France), Urkult Festival (Sweden) and showcase festival Mumi (Galiza, Spain).

She has collaborated with Xinobi in his newest album Balsame released in April 2022, with two songs- Mujer and La Tormenta, being now part of the Live Band of Xinobi.
With Xinobi, Meta_ has played in Europavox (France), MeoKalorama (Portugal) and played for ArteConcert.

In 2022 Meta_ sang in the movie Lobo e Cão by Cláudia Varejão and in early 2023 Meta_ was part of Invencível Armada as an actress. Besides her project she also has been doing sound design for theatre plays for 5 years. Meta_ has previously collaborated with OctaPush (PT) FOQUE (PT), Bom Beijo (SE), Temple Rat (Shanghai, China). Meta has also been invited to sing with: Papercutz (PT), Luíz Gabriel Lopes (BR) and LaBaq (BR).


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