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Prazeres Interrompidos #194: The Paris Bookseller – Kerri Maher (2022)

Radio Olisipo · Prazeres Interrompidos #194: The Correspondents - Judith Mackrell (2021)

Prazeres Interrompidos #194: The Correspondents – Judith Mackrell (2021)

Prazeres Interrompidos
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The Correspondents – Judith Mackrell (2021)

The riveting, untold history of a group of heroic women reporters who revolutionized the narrative of World War II–from Martha Gellhorn, who out-scooped her husband, Ernest Hemingway, to Lee Miller, a Vogue cover model turned war correspondent.

On the front lines of the Second World War, a contingent of female journalists were bravely waging their own battle. Barred from combat zones and faced with entrenched prejudice and bureaucratic restrictions, these women were forced to fight for the right to work on equal terms with men.

The Correspondents follows six remarkable women as their lives and careers intertwined: Martha Gellhorn, who got the scoop on Ernest Hemingway on D-Day by traveling to Normandy as a stowaway on a Red Cross ship; Lee Miller, who went from being a Vogue cover model to the magazine’s official war correspondent; Sigrid Schultz, who hid her Jewish identity and risked her life by reporting on the Nazi regime; Virginia Cowles, a “society girl columnist” turned combat reporter; Clare Hollingworth, the first English journalist to break the news of World War II; and Helen Kirkpatrick, the first woman to report from an Allied war zone with equal privileges to men.


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