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Prazeres Interrompidos #205: Spinoza: A Life – Steven Nadler (1999)

Radio Olisipo · Prazeres Interrompidos #205: Spinoza: A Life - Steven Nadler (1999)

Prazeres Interrompidos #205: Spinoza: A Life – Steven Nadler (1999)

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Spinoza: A Life – Steven Nadler (1999)

Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) was one of the most important philosophers of all time; he was also arguably the most radical and controversial. This was the first complete biography of Spinoza in any language and is based on detailed archival research. More than simply recounting the story of Spinoza’s life, the book takes the reader right into the heart of Jewish Amsterdam in the seventeenth century and, with Spinoza’s exile from Judaism, right into the midst of the tumultuous political, social, intellectual and religious world of the young Dutch Republic. Though the book will be an invaluable resource for philosophers, historians, and scholars of Jewish thought, it has been written for any member of the general reading public with a serious interest in philosophy, Jewish history, seventeenth-century European history, and the culture of the Dutch Golden Age. Spinoza: A Life has recently been awarded the Koret Jewish Book Award.”


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