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Recordat Palestine #0031 – Basel Naouri

Radio Olisipo · Recordat Palestine #0031 - Basel Naouri

Recordat Palestine #0031 – Basel Naouri

A one hour of original unreleased compositions made especially for recordat #0031 by @basel-naouri , aired first on May 15th, 2021 as part of the Sonic Liberation Front, an initiative for Palestine by a group of audio platforms and sound artists who came together to unify their sound for Palestine and protest against the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

Basel Naouri is a musician, producer and designer of sound and spatial media. His music does not commit to a specific genre and ranges from deep house to experimental and ambient soundscapes with Arab influence. He is a multi-instrumentalist who fuses sounds from samples and instruments to mold immersive stories of a tactile and detailed nature. In his other work, Basel is interested in translating natural systems and behaviors into immersive experiences through the design of multisensory media spaces. Basel works with diverse media on architectural, interior and sound design projects.

This is the 31st session of a series of sessions Recordat is hosting on Radio Alhara every other Sunday.


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