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T3D Bunny – “More Than a Machine” (2022)(álbum)

T3D Bunny – “More Than A Machine” (2022)(álbum).

It was during the first year of the pandemic that this entity emerged. Over the format of an instagram account (, T3D BUNNY (Ted Bunny) begins to speak out about cryptic posts on the popular social network.

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In addition to the code he used in his descriptions, T3D releases his first songs on instagram over the image format. The songs were shared on a spectrogram, which could be extracted through photo manipulation and once isolated from the composition could be converted from image to sound. This was the first public manifestation of T3D BUNNY.

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On October 20, 2021, he released his first single on all streaming platforms called “Electro Nana”, an instrumental that wanders between synthpop, electronica and techno.
Taking her taste on November 9, 2021, he released his second single “3 Lock” (Block), with heavier motifs and darker aesthetics.

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“B a Runner!” is released on 23 November 2021, which is a 3 song EP with more Lo-Fi, Vaporwave and 16 bit music aesthetics, perhaps his most naife work. And on December 24, 2021 comes the EP: “HATE – 8 – ATE”, on all platforms, with a much more charged aesthetic and more serious themes. Themes like domestic violence, Homophobia, Fundamentalism, Xenophobia and extremist thoughts were the subject of study for each song on this EP. It was in T3D BUNNY’s interest to create a sense through melody, rhythm and harmony with those who would listen about these scourges of contemporary society.

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On May 6, 2022, he released his latest single “TRANSpose” in a synthwave/dark synth/Vaporwave aesthetic which will serve as a bridge to his first album to be released which will be called “M0R3 7H4N 4 M4CH1N3!” (More Than a Machine!). And today 1st of July it’s available on all music streaming platforms. 

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Album Cover art By Wunden Art


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